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As mentioned in my last newsletter, I had to discontinue BINOME to rebuild it from scratch using more common components.

Due to popular demand, I halted all other projects to focus my energy on this task over the past few weeks, and I'm pleased to announce that the prototype is now ready and will go into extensif torture test!

Here's an overview of what you can expect:

No more EQ, but each channel now features a filter resonator with individual input. The main input remains the same and feeds into both channels, each equipped with independent filters, controls, and modes.

Additionally, there's an added master frequency control.

Like the V1, all inputs can be used simultaneously for intricate spatial effects or independently. However, inputs for channel 1 and 2 are now pre-filters instead of post-EQ filters on the MK1.

The TRIG/GATE switch is replaced with separate inputs for each, offering more versatility. For example, the gate input can double as an accent input.

A new switch allows you to change the behavior of the DECAY:

BLUNT: Provides a low-pass gate-like response, ranging from exponential to linear to logarithmic, similar to the first version of BINOME.

SHARP: Introduces a new, incredibly fast and responsive envelope, maintaining a shape between logarithmic and linear but excluding the logarithmic shape while using the DECAY SHAPE function.

The CV inputs of the DECAY and LEVEL are now normalled.

The module size increases from 20HP to a larger 26HP.

Thee we go !

If you recently purchased a BINOME MK1, you'll likely find that they are distinct modules, with the V1 remaining relevant in many aspects. However, if you're eager for the latest features, I completely understand. Feel free to share your thoughts with me, or perhaps keep your now-collector version safely stored in a secure and locked chest!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!



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