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Hello my dear noise maker,

The new modules are finally ready to join your modular army!

For the first time, starting now, I’m opening a preorder system on all items for a limited time until June 30th, with shipping of your orders starting on July 8th, along with some extra goodies.


Why am I doing this? The main reason is that I need some resources because the new modules are costly to make, and I really want to build enough to avoid any frustration and waiting on batch releases for the launch of these new monsters. But it's also a good opportunity for you to finally grab a FAILLE TEMPORELLE and TEINTE STEREO, as they are always the fastest to go out of stock! Just saying!

I’m still exploring the best options to ensure the best build quality and quality control while trying to maintain a decent stock. So, let me know what works best for you between the batch system or pre’orders. However, I refuse to go for factory mass production; my machines need to be made with as much love and care as the value you are going to get from them!

Let's talk about the new modules! We have:

All can be used as standalone monsters or with your favorite modules. They are definitely a strong addition to any kind of system! You can already find some videos on the SOVAGE YouTube channel, and many more are coming! I'll almost spam the channel with content, so please feel free to subscribe.

For spontaneous news, demos, overviews, tutorials, and more, don’t forget to subscribe to the Instagram page too!


Have a great day and thank you for simply being the best!

Blessings to you my SOVAGES,




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