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TEINTE, but in stereo !

An analog vintage recording audio equipment emulator, the perfect tool to color your stereo signals, FX bus or even your master bus, and a must have for any digital samples or oscillators.

The main idea behind this module is to recreate the tone of some of my favorite vintage preamps x mics x speakers combo when I’m reamping audio.

I have tried to match that tone as closely as possible, of course you can’t compare but you can trust your ears, and overuse the BROKEN mode of course, or just give a sense to your introversion by abusing the DARK VINTAGE combo, lights off…

  • MANTRA :



    The first switch “CONTOUR” can be seen as the preamp selection and mic placement.

    FOCUS :  Same as bright but with controlled frequencies, or “when you have EQ on your preamp”.

    BRIGHT : Mid range centered coloration, less bass, more sizzle !

    DARK : Low centered coloration, for a dark and bassy tone.

    The second switch “MODE” emulate how sound is played back through speakers :

    BROKEN : A 70s german 20W Tube guitar amp pushed to its limit !

    LO-FI : A small old school portable CD- K7 player combo with speakers, we are in the 90s !

    VINTAGE : A medium  size 60’s HIFI speaker.


    INPUT :

    • IN L (M): Your left signal’s input, normalized to the right input

    • IN R : Right input.

    OUTPUT : 

    • OUT L : Left output.

    • OUT R : Right output.


    Current consumption :

    +12v : 12ma

    -12v : 12ma

    5v : 0ma


    Width : 5 HP

    Depth : 12mm ( 22mm at power input )

    Front Panel : Aluminum “Raw Dusty Black”

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170,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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