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FAILLE TEMPORELLE is a self proclaimed “world’s first time warping distortion”, that can go from soft overdrive to extreme clipping distortion.

You’ll be able to go from the analog-ish lofi tape echo to a full garbage delay/looper and even achieve some chorus and reverbish results.

Despite the flexibility and possibilities that FAILLE TEMPORELLE can offer, it has a unique and yet recognizable tone, thanks to its input and output driving stage inspired by the sound of the old and obscure tape machines preamps from the 70s and its diode limiter !



This is a very complex module that makes magic and emphasizes on happy accidents when you understand these basics : 

The “DRY OVERLOAD” drastically changes the effects of the other functions, and the “IN LEVEL” changes the overall module’s caracter, from super wet to super dry.

The FEEDBACK knob also acts as a dry/wet function for the echo/delay part. Easy right ?

  • QUOTE :




    Is the distance or time, between the original signal and the delayed one, the more you turn it clockwise, the more the 2 signals warp to create a karpul strong like tone.

    • TIME RANGE :

    Changes the rate of the echo/delay’s repetition, the more you turn the knob clockwise the more you can achieve a longer delay time. Also, more and more sweet noisy glitches and artifacts will be added to your sound.


    • FEEDBACK :

    The length of the echo/delay or the amount of distortion, also acts as a dry/wet send function…can’t say more if you’ve read the disclaimer already…



    Controls the first distortion stage, it's a real distortion on itself, fully turned clockwise, the signal ducks the echo/delay, creating an aggressive sidechain effect. That function really likes HOT signals !



    This knob acts as a threshold of the onboard diode limiter, working in tandem with the INPUT OVERLOAD.

    At low setting it acts as a soft distortion with a nice compressed vibe, and as a hard clipper when turned full clockwise.


    • IN LEVEL :

    The good starting point to find your desired sweet spot.

    With less signal going into the module; you can achieve a more wet effect, and the volume can then be adjusted using the “GAIN/CLIPPER control.

    On the other hand, if you feed more signals into it, you’ll venture into the heavy territory !

    When voltage controlled, you can turn it to a VCA and Interesting dynamic effects such as tremolo can be achieved.


    • FDBCK MODE :

    Feedback mode switch, it changes the overall tone of the module and behavior of the feedback

    OPEN : The “normal” mode operation.

    NOISY : The dirtiest mode ! An extra layer of anharmonic noise on top? Say no more!

    CLOSE : Equalized and softer feedback.


    • PROXI.CV :

    Attenuator for the PROXIMITY CV input. Secret chorus with fast modulation!


    • TIME CV :

    Attenuator for the TIME CV input. Second secret chorus…



    Attenuator for the FEEDBACK CV input.


    • LEVEL CV :

    Attenuator for the LEVEL CV input.


    INPUTS :

    • IN : Audio input.

    • FEEDBACK : CV input for controlling FEEDBACK.

    • PROXIMITY : CV input for controlling PROXIMITY.

    • TIME : CV input for controlling TIME.

    • IN CV LEVEL : CV input for controlling IN LEVEL.



    • OUT : Audio output.


    Current consumption :

    +12v : 62ma

    -12v : 24ma

    5v : 0ma


    Width : 10hp

    Depth :  24mm ( 33mm at power input )

    Front Panel : Aluminum “Raw Dusty Black

  • MEDIA :

250,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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