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LE BRASIER is a hybrid OTA and germanium based multimode filter, a 100% analog circuit meticulously crafted from the ground up. It defies and blends the conventions of classic filters,  resulting in surprisingly extremely sweet and yet wild and chaotic results, thanks to its unpredictable germanium core.
The germanium distortion is a unique one, centered around the interplay of feedback and clipping. It offers two distinct flavors: a classic overdrive for added weight and power to your audio, and a special fuzz that emphasizes the high-mid frequencies.
Due to its hyper-resonant nature, you can utilize it as a VCO capable of generating intriguing waveforms, including a pure sinewave.
As a standalone unit, it functions as a coloring tool; feed in complex audio like a drum loop or a full mono track and experience the immediate transformation, delivering instant character..Aka INSTANT MOJO … Take it a step further by infusing life and distortion through CV modulation of the parameters. This level of control is made possible with individual attenuators, a feature consistent across all SOVAGE modules!

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    Adjusts the amount of distortion. Represented by the top white and pink leds.


    • LEVEL OUT : 

    Adjusts the output level. Represented by the right blue led.


    • REZ : 

    Adjusts the filter’s resonance.


    • FREQ :

    Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter.



    Attenuator for the IN CV DISTORTION.

    • CV REZ :

    Attenuator for the IN CV REZ IN.

    • CV LEVEL :

    Attenuator for the CV LEVEL.

    • CV FREQ :

    Attenuverter for the CV FREQ IN.




    Selector between 2 style of distortion

    FUZZ : Kill the low and focus all the energy on the hi-mid ! Devastating by all means!

    OVERDRIVE : A very germanium sounding overdrive, add weight and grits to your signal !

    • REZ MODE : A 3 position switch for different resonance behavior and flavors

    HARD : If you go all this way up…you know it will be heavy !

    FREE : In this mode a second totally independent and unpredictable resonance that doesn't auto oscillate is applied to the circuit, the REZ control adjusts the amount of the original resonance.

    CLEAN : The “Vanilla” version

    • FREQ MODE : A 2 position switch for the LP/HP OUTPUT

    HP : Hi-Pass filter but nooooot really your usual one!

    LP : A classic Low-Pass filter.


    INPUTS :

    • INPUT : Your audio signal is going here ! The left orange led indicates the intensity of the input signal.

    • IN CV REZ : CV input for controlling REZ.

    • TRACK / Xv/OCT : Input that can take volts per octave with freaky microtones and pitch artifacts when used as VCO.

    • When synchronized with an external VCO using the same sequence, it comes alive with vibrant dynamics and character.

    • IN CV DISTORTION : CV input that controls DISTORTION.

    • CV LEVEL : CV input that controls LEVEL OUT.

    • CV FREQ : CV input that controls FREQ.


    OUTPUTS : 

    • BP ( SAFE ) : Direct output for the BANDPASS, not dependent on the DISTORTION nor the LEVEL OUT knob.

    • LP/HP : Main output for the filter, you can choose between lowpass and highpass using the FREQ MODE switch.


    Current consumption :

    +12v : 24ma

    -12v : 24ma

    5v : 0ma


    Width : 10hp

    Depth : 24mm ( 33mm at power input )

    Front Panel : Aluminum "Raw dusty black"


300,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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