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LE DECHU is a convoluted analog VCO and LFO. It is equipped with an onboard VCA so you will only need an envelope generator to turn it into a full synth voice. The ALTERATION knob can act as a pseudo filter.

If you have never heard that word on an VCO before it’s because I have just made it up to respect the concept of the complex oscillator.


My convoluted oscillator concept differs from the well known classic complex oscillator. I developed around one simple concept, “no respect for the waveshaping rules”. The waveforms get divided, offsetted and strangely mixed together, resulting in unconventional waveforms and tones like strings and wind instruments or electric pianos and organs but of course : From another world ! The more you touch the ALTERATION knob, the more It sounds like a dirty old faulty synth and even cheap digital keyboards, you tweak, you got it, you name it !


Talking about waveforms, by combining the switches FULL/DIVIDED and SURGE/ODD/RIDGE, you have got a total of 6 starting shapes to tweak.

Things become extremely interesting when you are using the DECHU as an LFO, resulting in very occult voltage movements !

LE DECHU can also be used as a classic VCO/LFO using the 2 unusual : SEMICIRCLE and TRAPEZOID outputs, and the standard RAMP output. All 3 are not affected by any waveshaping and not going through the internal VCA.


Just because it’s never too much, thanks to the CLIPPING DEPTH knob, you can add a variable pulse wave to the total mashup combined with a hard clipping stage to design and drive your waveforms to a more heavy tone !


Did I forget to mention that LE DECHU means the fallen in french ?!


Besides being a freak, LE DECHU can properly stay in tune and accurately track 1v/ octave. You can even talk to bats if you feel like you need a higher range, using the internal HF tuning trimpot.

  • QUOTE :




    • COARSE : 

    Adjusts the VCO’s pitch.


    • FINE : 

    Fine adjustment of the VCO’s pitch.



    The ALTERATION knob can be seen as a morphing between a strong analog and a dirty faulty oscillator. The starting point is in the middle position and the more you turn it clockwise the more you are degrading the original waveform, Reversely anticlockwise , you will obtain a strong and “clean” signal.

    it works in conjunction with the CLIPPING.

    If used in the LFO mode, it basically changes and offset in different ways its shape.



    Adjust the amount of the hard clipping shape going into the circuitry of the VCO’s main output.



    Change the width of the hard clipping shape from zero to infinity.


    • VCA BIAS :

    Adjust the amount of level going out of the main output.


    • CV ALTER. :

    Attenuverter for the IN CV ALTER. input.

    • LIN. FM :

    Attenuator for the IN LIN. input. ( Linear FM)

    • EXPO. FM :

    Attenuator for the IN EXPO. input. ( Exponential FM)

    • CV VCA :

    Attenuator for the IN CV VCA input, can also be used for amplitude modulation or to duck the output.


    Attenuverter for the IN CV CLIPPING DEPTH input.


    Attenuverter for the IN CV CLIPPING WIDTH input.




    • FULL / DIVIDED :

    Selector between 2 sets of waveforms.

    The divided set contains less negative voltage information, very practical if you want to design an LFO that only swings positive voltage or airy synth lines.



    Choose between 3 distinctives waveforms going into the main OUT (vca), these 3 waveforms react in a different way to the ALTERATION and CLIPPING and have a significantly different main tone.


    • VCO/LFO :

    Makes LE DECHU acting as a VCO or as an LFO… did I really have to tell you that ?



    Change the polarity of the clipping shape injected in the VCO, giving you 2 distinct results in tone.

    • SYNC :

    Choose between HARD or SOFT sync.


    INPUTS :

    • 1v/OCT : Input for the 1V/oct. To Chromatically control the pitch of the VCO, or the speed of the LFO.

    • IN CV VCA : CV input for controlling VCA BIAS.

    • IN CV ALTER. : CV input for controlling ALTERATION.

    • IN CV CLIPPING : DEPTH : CV input for controlling CLIPPING DEPTH.

    • IN CV CLIPPING : WIDTH : CV input for controlling CLIPPING WIDTH.

    • IN LIN. : CV input for the linear FM.

    • IN EXPO. : CV input for the exponential FM. Also to control the speed of the LFO.

    • SYNC : CV input for the hard or soft sync.



    • SEMICIRCLE : Pre VCA and waveshaper output of the semicircle waveform.

    • TRAPEZOID : Pre VCA and waveshaper output of the trapezoid waveform.

    • RAMP : Pre VCA and waveshaper output of the ramp waveform.

    • OUTPUT ( VCA ) : This is the main output of the module. Using all functions and passing through the VCA.


    Current consumption :

    +12v : 48ma

    -12v : 47ma

    5v : 0ma


    Width : 16HP

    Depth : Depth : 24mm ( 33mm at power input and Trim pots )


    Front Panel : Aluminum “Raw Dusty Black”



350,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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