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DUO is a multitool for external equipment such as drum machines, synthesizers, microphones or any instrument that needs amplification like guitars.

Its primary function is a stereo/dual mono preamp, to go from Line level to Eurorack level.

However it can also be used as a mono external pedal interface, using one channel to attenuate, and the other one to boost the signal.

OR as a stereo or serial mono distortion or as a stereo output module !

  • MANTRA :



    • MASTER :

    Simultaneously controls the level of the left and right outputs.


    • GAIN - 1/LEFT :

    Controls the gain of the master’s left audio signal, and the level of the first channel's output.

    • GAIN - 2/RIGHT  : 

    Controls the gain of the master’s right audio signal, and the level of the second channel's output.


    INPUTS :

    • IN 1/L : Audio input for the first channel or left outputs.

    • N 2/R : Audio input for the second channel or right outputs.


    OUTPUTS : 

    • OUT 1 : Audio output of the first channel.

    • OUT 2 : Audio output of the second channel.

    • L / MASTER : Audio output of the left channel.

    • R / MASTER : Audio output of the right channel.


    Current consumption :

    +12v : 6ma

    -12v : 6ma

    5v : 0ma


    Width : 5 HP

    Depth : 12mm ( 22mm at power input )

    Front Panel : Aluminum “Raw Dusty Black”

150,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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